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  • Does the BodyGuard Belt (BGB) stay in place or move?
    The BGB is designed to stay in place. We use 4-inch wide 3mm high quality industrial strength, lightweight breathable neoprene to stop roll tops and bottoms. The breathable material remains comfortable and can be worn any time of the year day or night. It will not slide nor irritate or itch the skin like spandex.
  • Does it have secure straps?
    Yes, only on the horizontal pocket. For the two vertical pockets it’s a retention belt that uses the retention created by your body size to hold the firearm safely and securely in place.
  • What makes The BGB “different” from other Belts and Belly Bands?
    Comfort, security, quality and versatility were all things taken into consideration in the design of the BGB to provide the best product and confidence for our customers. There is no other belt or band on the market that can match the versatility and comfort of the BGB. You can wear shorts, yoga pants, jogging pants or dresses all with NO TRADITIONAL BELT needed and the BGB works regardless of your clothing attire.
  • Can you wash the BGB?
    You can certainly machine wash the BGB as they are made of a high-quality neoprene fabric. For best results, wash them in cool water and do not use the dryer as it compromises the Neoprene. Air dry the BGB either inside or hung outside.
  • What if the BGB I ordered does not fit, can I return it?"
    Yes, the product is fully guaranteed so we will return your money should you not be satisfied or replace the garment as long as it is in new condition. However, please note that our design is one size fits most. We have designed cutaways into the belt that are triple stitched so that the BodyGuard Belt can be trimmed to size for the perfect fit and maintain the very professional refined appearance.
  • Are there flesh or nude colored belts available?
    We do have a high-quality flesh or nude colored belt that we have affectionately named "Desert Tan". There is no additional charge for the Desert Tan model over the Stealth Black or Classic version of the belt.
  • If I do not carry a gun can I still use the BGB?
    Yes, the BGB is designed with retention to hold most anything. Some of our customers use it to travel on vacation and are able to keep the valuables comfortably on their person without anyone knowing. It has been reported that the BGB was a key tool for Black Friday shopping crews where free hands is a must, but keys and wallet had to be accessible. Other reports have been due to all the compartments and pockets many of our customers use it a utility belt to carry tools and hardware for work around the house. There are endless uses for the consumer that purchases the BGB.
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